Photo Gallery

Guro Jun conducts a seminar for members of Jiu Jitsu International Club / Roger Gracie Jiu Jitsu affiliate.   Various group photos of the Kali De Leon Group
Seminar in Philippines for Mumbaki and the Russian Alliance   Kali De Leon Intensive training camp 2010
Seminar in Philippines for Isla Mandirigma Kali group in Manila   Kali De Leon Intensive training camp 2011
Royal Regiment of Canada
A special thanks to the Royal Regiment Battalion of Canada for the hospitality that was provided during the edged weapon workshop.  
KDL Camp 2011
Testimonial letter from former UN Security Advisor in Iraq
Royal Regiment of Canada
Training the Queens Battalion Royal Regiment  
Group photos  
Kali Deleon Buffalo
June 2012 - Level 10 Testing at Buffalo, New York  



Kali DeLeon Buffalo