Laging Una



KDL endorsement from

Grand Tuhon Leo Gaje

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Curiosity kills a cat as often as it happens. A double blade sharp as a razor, a double stick can be a rattan or a hard wood will cause a tremendous traumatic impact when it hits at the right target. Double stick (otherwise commonly termed as Sinawali is deeply dangerous than a single stick or a double blade or double knife, the structure is so devastating that cannot be questioned. The specialization in Double stick requires great deal of intellectual understanding and comparative analysis since it involves a complicated Geometrics that makes it difficult for a single stick or single weapon to enter. Beware not to attempt to disarm the double stick especially if you may have an opportunity to meet the deadly Fury of Guro De leon (Kali De Leon) based in Toronto, Canada.  For may years of my personal observation Guro De leon’s system of double stick has all the elements of the ancient methodology used by the Katipuneros during the Filipino Spanish revolution. If anyone wishes to understand the in-depth of true filipino double stick, double weapon technology don’t hesitate to attend Guro Jun De leon’s camp training or seminars in Toronto, Canada.  I personally endorse Guro Jun De Leon’s specialty in Double Stick system.




Training US and Philippine Marines at the Military Camp in Ternate, Cavite in 2001.

Circa 1984 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania




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