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About KDL

Kali deLeon (KDL) is a Filipino Martial Art based on the creative but disciplined use of various weapons including, -- but not limited to, sticks, knives, improvised weapons and empty-hand techniques.  More than that, KDL is the melding of battle tested traditional techniques with modern teaching methodologies. KDL offers a complete curriculum built upon progressive skills development that has been shown to both quickly advance and deeply inspire each and every KDL student.


Ama Guro Jun deLeon, the founder and chief instructor of KDL, has always been selective about whom he allows to be his students.  Starting from humble beginnings where only a few chosen friends and family were taught, Ama Guro Jun decided go public with his teachings to a wider audience. He did this for two reasons: first, he wanted to promote the arts and culture of his Philippine homeland to Canadians and especially Filipino-Canadian youth who may have been truncated from their own culture, and secondly: he wanted to give back to the country that had accepted him. Ama Guro Jun wanted to show Filipino Martial Arts in a modern perspective with relevance to today’s world. Beyond its obvious applications in self-defense and combat, Ama Guro Jun wanted to teach it as an art form that developed not just the physical body but also the spiritual being. He did this by connecting today’s practitioner to the sacrifices of those who came before and build upon that tradition, history and culture.  Ama Guro Jun welcomes those who wish to join him in promoting and developing the Filipino Martial Arts.


Despite world-wide recognition for his accomplishments as a teacher and martial artists, Ama Guro Jun maintains that he is a student first and a teacher second.  KDL is a dynamic art with an ever developing curriculum because Ama Guro Jun continues to learn from and develop new approaches. The KDL of today is not the KDL of a decade ago, nor will it be the KDL a decade from now.  It is because of this that the standards remain high and the curriculum stays relevant.


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